Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Probiotic Yogurt

What is probiotic yogurt?

Probiotic yogurt is more or less yogurt that has live active cultures. This means that almost all yogurt is probiotic, since as we know, yogurt contains live active cultures. It contains different strains of bacteria that are said to be extremely beneficial to our health, though extensive research has yet to be done on this subject. It wasn't until the early 2000s that yogurt manufacturers started to market yogurt as "probiotic yogurt". This fact alone opens up a lot of questions and discussion, much of which large yogurt companies such as Stonyfield and Yeo Valley aren't able to answer. This is questionable because most major manufacturers in this day and age have a variety that is known as "probiotic yogurt" yet they admittedly have virtually no research done on probiotic yogurt and it's effects, benefits, and if it's actually any healthier than regular yogurt.

The scientific community is torn on the issue of probiotic yogurt and how beneficial it truly is. Many believe that it does what we're told it does, which is aid in digestion. However, just as many believe that probiotic yogurt is simply a marketing ploy and we won't know the realy effects until much more research is done.

Some probiotic yogurt even has large amounts in them of things we know are bad for us, such as artificial sweeteners or even corn syrup. All in all, it's been a hot issue for a while and there are no concrete answers yet. While more and more people are paying more for probiotic, no one can say for sure if it's worth the extra change.

This site will examine probiotic yogurt, it's potential health benefits and research done on probiotic yogurt. I will also discuss different issues that have been brought to light regarding probiotic yogurt, such as the fact that the definition of probiotic yogurt in no way illuminates how much bacteria is actually going into the yogurt and how much is actually still live when we eat it.

I will also discuss different bacterias in probiotic yogurt and how those interct with our bodies and aid in health and digestion. No one can say for sure if probiotic yogurt is just another way of saying yogurt, if it's a marketing scheme, or if it's a legitimate way we can eat healthier and enjoy our lives more fully.

Check back for updates in research and news on probiotic yogurt!

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